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Monday, January 12, 2015

New School Year Resolutions

I have never really done new year resolutions. They usually end up forgotten by February for me. While I didn't make any new year resolutions I am making new school year resolutions. My first day of class was today (last first day of undergrad-happy or sad?) and I have set some school related goals for myself to help keep me focused!

Plan Ahead
How many times have you looked at your syllabus or planner just to see that you had a huge paper due tomorrow? Same. It's stressful and causes you to miss out on fun things like dinner with the girls in order to throw together a paper on a topic you know nothing about. My mom gave me the prettiest leather planner for Christmas and I am using it for nothing but school assignments. No clutter, No excuses!

Go to Sleep Earlier
Self explanatory. It's hard to focus in class when I was up until three am binge watching House of Cards.

Say No When I Want To
I feel like I have to do everything- every meeting, every party, every dinner, every study date. It takes a serious toll on me and causes way too many all nighters to catch up on that work I blew off. Beyonce won't show up to that party I skip (hopefully).

Say Yes When I'm Scared To
On the other hand, I want to stop being so afraid to branch out of my comfort zone. I'm resolving to join a new club or organization or try something on campus I've always wanted to do but haven't. It's good to expand your horizons!

Keep My Room and Desk Clean
I just get more done. It's a fact.

Dress Nicer for Class
So guilty of the leggings and tee shirt everyday. It's just easy. While I still have time to dress this way I know law school is different- you have to take yourself seriously! I think it will be beneficial to at least try to get used to it now. Plus, when you look good you feel good, right?

These resolutions sound pretty easy but I know they are going to be tough when I want to go to everything or stay up all night watching netflix. They will definitely be a work in progress, but I'm excited to get to it!

Do you have any new school year resolutions? I'd love to hear about them!