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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feliz Navi Done (with finals!)

I am FINALLY done with finals! Did anyone else's finals drive them nuts? I am so happy to be home and I finally feel like I am in the Christmas spirit. It's the most wonderful time of the year, so I make sure to dress like it

Necklace from Boone Belles - Call to order!

It's unseasonably warm here so it feels great with just a vest. I'm also so excited to finally wear these loafers- I scored them at TJ Maxx for just $2!

What are you wearing to get into the Christmas spirit?

Friday, November 28, 2014

DIY Sharpie Mugs (that actually last!)

I have seen so many sharpie mug tutorials lately. They are so easy and cute, but some people have complained theirs didn't hold up. Of course, I had to try this for myself.

Turned out pretty great! I love having this reminder every morning when I have my coffee, and it was way cheaper than buying one from a retailer.

What you need:
Cheap Coffee Cup. I got mine from Dollar General

What to do:
  1. Clean your mug. Really, really clean it. I scrubbed mine in the sink with Dawn. Dry it off really well.
  2. Draw your design on the mug. I traced mine from a piece of paper. Go over the design several times.
  3. Place the mug on the pan in a cold oven. Heat the over to 350. Once the oven reaches 350 continue to bake for 30 minutes. When 30 minutes is up turn the oven off and let the mug cool with the oven.
  4. Let mug sit for 24 hours before use.
That's it! I read lots of tutorials that said this didn't work, but it has worked great for me! I don't dishwash my mug, but handwashing hasn't damaged it at all. I recommend getting the cheapest mug you can find for this, as its glaze melts more easily and takes in the sharpie.

Let me know if you try this out!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Travel Survival Kit

The holidays are a time of travel. Everyone is busy going to and from friends and family. While it’s great to see everyone and spend time celebrating with the ones you love, travel can be one of the most stressful parts of the season. My family usually travels by car, but we have also traveled by plane for the holidays, and both are stressful for different reasons. I have found that having the right things in my tote bag (I used my longchamp for this one) can help makes the time in the car or in the air much more enjoyable.

These seem like no brainers, but you would be surprised how easy it is to forget them. Time always goes by faster when you have these for work or entertainment. Don’t forget chargers and headphones!

A great playlist
Especially essential if you’re the driver. I couldn’t survive my six hour drive home without one!

Books and Magazines
These are great if you don’t feel like being plugged in. Challenge yourself to finish a whole book during the trip.

School Work or Work Work
Even though it’s vacation time, I hate wasting valuable time when I have things to do. A six hour drive or flight is the perfect time to catch up on emails, homework, or start studying for finals.

Drinks and Snacks
I can’t go on a long car ride without a diet coke and a pack of crackers. You never know when carsickness or hunger could strike! If you’re flying be sure to buy these after you go through security so they won’t be thrown away.

Nothing is more miserable than being trapped in a car with the sun blazing in your eyes with no way to block it. Be prepared!

Small toiletry bag
I keep mascara, lipstick, and moisturizer in my bag for touch ups and dry skin. I also keep Advil, my epi pen, extra contacts, and daily medication with me as well- it gives me much more peace of mind than having it in a bulky bag that would take time to dig through when in need. If you’re flying be sure to have the right sizes and that you’re allowed to carry said medication on flight.

Have your travel plans, tickets, and schedule on hand to prevent any mishaps or confusion!

Light Jacket or Blanket
I am becoming more and more cold natured the older I get. These are a must!

Travel Pillow
When all else fails, just catch up on your sleep. You deserve it!

What are your travel must haves? Let me know!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gift Guide: Bags

I am addicted to bags. I have way too many totes, clutches, and cross bodys to count. They're just so useful! I love giving bags because I know my friends will use them. From cute clutches to huge tote bags anything will be appreciated this Christmas.

Some of my friends will be seeing these this season. I personally always feel safe with the Boat and Tote- I have three and use one almost every day!

What bags are you wanting this season? Will you be giving any?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Gift Guide: Jewels

Tis' the season for gift guides! While lots of bloggers organize their's by person (for the bff, for the boyfriend, etc.) I like to organize mine by what the gifts are.

Jewelry is my absolute favorite gift to get and give. Jewelry is perfect because it can be worn again and again, lasts forever if you get good quality, and is a great little reminder of how much you care everytime the wearer looks at it. I could share 1000 pieces I am currently loving for gifts this season, but luckily for y'all I narrowed it down.

What jewelry are you hoping to recieve this holiday?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Motivation Station

Believe it or not, Sunday is technically the first day of the week. My Sundays are full of homework, blogging, and cleaning. It's the catch up day, and I have found if I have a productive Sunday I have a much more productive week. Here is some motivation for your Sunday!

I'm not sure if Abraham Lincoln actually said that about hustling, but it's still motivating!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Favorites of the Week

Happy Friday! I have had some great things come up on my radar this week. Hope you guys love them as much as I do!

I love sweaters. It's an obsession that is neccessary when you live in a town that gets snow from October to March. While some sweaters can look grandpa-ish when you add fun weaving this one looks fun and fresh. It's definitely on my wish list! (hint hint mom, I know you read this blog)

Taylor Swift 1989
So confession: I used to really dislike Taylor Swift. I was a fan when she first came out and even saw her on her first tour. Then I got bored. It seemed like she sang the same song over and over, just with different words. 1989 is definitely a breath of fresh air for her. She has certainly grown up as an artist.

Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler at the CMA's
So anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Steven Tyler and every song he has ever done. He made an appearance at the CMA's again last night, and even though we didn't get a full performance it made me think back to this one from 2011. Check it out if you love country music but also get into your classic rock.

Friendsgiving and Friends
I have decided to host my Friendsgiving this year and I am getting so excited! For those of you who don't know, Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. We are doing it potluck style, and I think it will go really well, even though it looks like someone is bringing tacos. Can't wait to share it with you guys! We had originally hoped to watch Friends at the dinner, but it won't be on Netflix until January 1st. I'm already counting down.

DIY Brass Figurines by Hi Sugarplum!
The faux taxadermy/brass figurine trend has been on my radar for a while. I absolutely love how sophisticated they make a room look. Unfortunately lots of them are so expensive I wouldn't even buy them if I wasn't broke. Luckily I found this DIY from Cassie at Hi Sugarplum! and it is super cheap and easy. I can't wait to try it this afternoon. Check out the link above for her whole DIY.

What's been on your radar this week?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hey Young People: Now's the Time to do Whatever You Want!

This is a response to the popular article Hey Young People: Now's the Time to Get Married and Have Kids. You can read it Here.

As I write this article I am sitting on my couch in my pajamas. I am drinking my second (third by the time I hit publish) beer of the evening and eating queso and chips with my roommate. We are laughing at Taylor Swift and watching 20/20. We are acting exactly our age. We are both 21, and I know that she will not mind me speaking for her when I say neither of us is ready to get married or have kids right now.

An article is making it's way around the internet urging young people to get married and have kids. The author insists it is time. He lists several reasons and paints a happy rosy picture of what it is like to be married and have kids at a young age. I first saw the article on a friends facebook and she happily proclaimed how right he was- she is married with a child, and is 22. Good for her! But does that mean I am ready to have a child? Does that mean I am ready to get married? Does that mean all twenty somethings are ready?

The author gives us 8 reasons why we all need to settle down ASAP:

1. You don't need money to get married.

Well brother, hate to break it to you, but in the great state of North Carolina a marriage license costs $60. To me, this is a week of groceries. No joke. I am so broke that $60 is that crucial. Why would I want to throw that down on a piece of paper to tell me I love someone? Now imagine that maybe I would like a half decent ceremony. Maybe a dress I didn't find in a dumpster. Oh and maybe we wanna get a house and afford things like lights. We are probably going to need some money. The author continues with the way we are willing to spend money on other activities, specifically things like partying or the bar. All I have to say is he clearly never went to nickle draft night if he thinks the bar is anywhere close to a $60 venture for a normal 21 year old.

2. You aren't your parents.

This guy makes it clear his parents had a great marriage, and that's awesome. He then goes on to say he has friends who's parents did not, and they were doomed to a childhood of abandonment and guilt. My parents are divorced. I can honestly say I have never felt doomed. I don't feel like my marriage will be theres, because as he said I'm not my parents. However, if I jump into marriage with the first twenty something I find don't you think the marriage is a little more likely to be doomed?

3. Marriage is about experiencing life with your spouse by your side.

True. This is a big reason why people get married. If I get married I hope I have a life partner. Right now though, I am having fun experiencing life alone. Call me crazy but I like not having to worry about cooking enough food for two. I like not having kids running around screaming. I like staying up until four am binge watching tv and not worrying about waking my husband up. Maybe one day these things won't be fun anymore. Maybe they always will be.

4. Youth is a Gift

True again. This guy is on a role with the facts. He asks who do we give these gifts to...Our bosses? The bar? (starting to take it this guy doesn't like the bar) Corporations? Or do we give them to our spouses and kids? What gets me on this whole reason is that we don't even get the option to give it to ourselves. Is it really so wrong to spend our twenties on ourselves? What about our thirties? What about my eighties if I so choose? My youth, my energy, my endurance is just that- Mine.

5. Family life is Edifying

The author says that families are held together by love and that they help you grow and mature. I agree. He says that spouses and children illuminate your life- I am sure they do. However, he says that no other relationship can compare- specifically not siblings, not best friends, and not parents. This is nonsense. My sisters are my world. My mother is my guiding light. My best friends are my family and would do anything for me. If this is the only family I ever have I will be completely fulfilled. My life is illuminated, and these people help me grow and mature every day without marrying me or being my offspring. The author then goes on to say a long term live in partner is not a substitute for the commitment, love, and sacrifice of a partner you're married to- so basically get a piece of paper or this guy says your significant other loves you less. Insert eye roll emoji.

6. You don't have to wait for The One

I agree with the author that there is not just one person out there we are capable of loving. I have loved more than one person in my life and I sure hope I will get to love another. However, even though I loved them, I am so glad I am not married to them. The author says you choose to love your spouse every day and that the only thing that makes someone your soul mate is marriage, and that is it. Marriage makes them the one. Isn't that the most ass backwards thing you have ever heard? This guy is basically saying it doesn't matter if you marry a hobo you meet at a gas station, if you marry him he is your soul mate. Personally I would rather wait until someone I am compatible with, happy with, and my personality compliments. But hey, that's just me.

7. Biology is a Thing

Sometimes you just read things that make you go WTF. This is one of them. The author starts out with saying he isn't a doctor, but he's pretty sure that there is a window in which women can conceive kids. True, once a woman enters menopause she can no longer have children. He then says we should take this as a hint and that it isn't the best strategy to have kids past your early thirties. Wait, what? I know women who have had healthy, beautiful babies in their forties! This guy just said he isn't a doctor but is handing out medical advice. All women are different, and all their bodies are different. As a woman I will be first to say that while it may be unhealthy to have a baby when your body is not capable (and as someone who isn't a doctor I can't tell you when that is) what is even more unhealthy is having a baby when you aren't mentally ready, no matter what age that might be at.

8. It'll be the Best Adventure of your Life

I bet having kids and a marriage is an adventure. If I ever get to go on this adventure I will be so excited. But what about all the adventures you can't go on anymore once you have a spouse and kids? The author pokes fun at dying your hair blue, going to rock concerts, and drunk dialing your ex. While these may not be your best moments when you look back on them at 80 (or maybe they will be!) they sound pretty fun! Just last night I was talking to my best friend Kimberly about going to a I couldn't go to if I had kids. There are so many adventures I am looking forward to- law school, moving to Seattle, this coming Thursday night at the bar- that I couldn't participate in if I had a husband and kids in my hair. If having a spouse and kids is the BEST adventure of our lives shouldn't we save the best for last?

If you are my age or close to it and married with kids GREAT! Seriously, I am happy you are happy. Good for you. I am not bashing people who make these choices- but the point is they are your choices, and everyone doesn't have the same right choice. If I was to get married right now I would be miserable. Add a kid into the mix and I would jump off a bridge. I am just not ready- and that is 100000% OK. When I am, be it at 25, 35, or 105 I will figure it out. And until then I am having a great adventure with no money and feel perfectly fulfilled. So, young people, I urge you to use the gift of your youth to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. Think of it as a choose your own adventure book- you are in control. Go to school, get a job, start a blog, dance on the bar, get married, whatever. Just make sure it is the right choice for you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

Run! Kate Spade is having a sale of UP TO 75% OFF! Check out some of my picks here.


These prices are insane! Those adorable Moon River Studs are only $19!

What are you coveting from the sale?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

15 Things That Really Don't Matter

If you're like me you worry about a lot of things you can't control. Stupid little things have the ability to suck up our energy and our entire day if we let them. I am learning to let go of these things and stop letting them take up my time and mental space.

20 Things That Actually Don't Matter (so stop worrying about them!):

1. Your hair won't stay perfectly straight/curled/wavy/whatever.
Who cares? I rock a ponytail at least four times a week. I have more important things to stress over.

2. You forgot your homework.
Don't make it a habit- then it becomes a problem. One oversight though, and you're not destined to be a failure. Relax.

3. Treating yourself to fast food when you're way too tired to cook.
Again, don't make it a habit, but no one ever gained 20 pounds from one cheesburger on a day they had run themselves ragged. Eat your burger and be happy.

4. Deciding not to go out because you're tired/busy/stressed/just over it.
FOMO is real, trust me. I always worry the one night I don't go out will be the night Mariah Carey shows up and everyone finds their true love. It won't be though. Stay in and don't worry.

5. Not having perfectly manicured nails.
Literally who gives a shit?

6. That last notecard you just can't memorize.
Chances are it's a silly detail anyway. If you've been studying for hours let it go and get some sleep.

7. Your room being messy.
My room currently looks like a hurricane ran through it. I haven't unpacked from Columbia or Williamsburg, and my clean laundry is in a pile. Oh well, on to more pressing matters.

8. You're over or under dressed.
Usually this one is avoidable, but say you do make a mistake. Laugh it off and focus on why you're really there, and make a mental note for next time.

9. Forgetting to text your friend back.
I am the world's worst for this. True friends understand though, just be sure to set aside some time to chat when you remember.

10. Sleeping through a class.
You were probably too tired to get anything from it anyway. Back to bed.

11. Wearing the same dress as someone else.
She has good taste too! Get a twin picture and laugh about it.

12. Parking Tickets
Chances are if you risk getting one whatever you had to do was more important than $8. Pay it and move on.

13. Carrying a black bag when you're wearing navy.
Sometimes you're too tired to even notice. Rock it.

14. Eating all your food at dinner.
I can't help but notice women usually try to eat the least at the table. If I paid for it, I'm eating it.

15. Skipping yoga/barre/soul cycle.
Sometimes you need a break. It's not the end of the world.

What little things do you let stress you out? Do they really even matter?

The Easiest Fall Cocktail of All

I love cocktails and I love for things to be simple. This is literally the simplest, yummiest fall cocktail of all.

Fireball Whiskey
Redd's Apple Ale

Add one shot (or more if it's been a rough day) of Fireball and one Redd's Apple Ale to a glass. Stir

No joke ya'll that's it. It tastes like fall in a glass and will definitely get the party started.

What's your go to fall cocktail? I would love to try it!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Giving a Damn Does Not Make You Crazy

Has anyone else noticed that we seem to all be in a competition of who can give less of a damn? Honestly it's getting pretty exhausting over here on my side, pretending not to care about things I actually really care about. It's also getting me absolutely nowhere fast.

For me it started in high school. My first recollection of attempting to win the "I give less of a damn competition" was when I was 16. I had a boyfriend that I really liked and we had been dating for a few months when he just fell off the grid. I mean he was more ghost than Casper. No calls, no texts, no response to any attempt of contact when we usually spoke several times a day. What was my response to this absolutely unacceptable treatment? I tried to make it look like I didn't care. I made sure I wasn't contacting him too often so I didn't look "needy". I blew off my concerned friends questions with "I'm not obsessed with him guys, we can do our own thing". For almost ten days I pretended I was cool with being ignored. When he finally did text me ("Hey babe, what's up? Miss you!") I answered with a casual response, not even asking where the hell someone disappears for ten days without telling their serious girlfriend.

Looking back on this time in my life I still don't know where homeboy went for that amount of time, but I don't care. What I wish I had done differently has nothing to do with him but everything to do with me. I wish I had made it clear how not OK it was. I was so worried that I would look crazy that I overlooked the actual crazy that was going on. Despite being anxious, sad, and angry I decided to bury the damn I gave and put my normal human emotions on the back burner for fear of looking like a needy, crazy girl. Not to anyones surprise this relationship went nowhere fast.

This was the start of something I have done my entire young adult life. I have seen my friends do it too. Maybe we want to be the chill girl. Maybe we want to be so independent, or strong, or sane that we decide to hide any form of emotion for fear of vulnerability. Maybe we think that as women we have to hide our emotions to get ahead. Maybe we think this is normal because everyone else does it. Whatever the reason is, we all really need to cut it out. No one has ever gotten anything they really wanted by not giving a damn.

When that guy you've been seeing blows you off with a minutes notice for a reason you know is a total joke, but you play it off to avoid seeming needy, the only message you are sending is that you have no emotional needs whatsoever, so it's fine to blow you off anytime because you won't get mad. (From personal experience this will only make you miserable girls- promise)

When your frienemy makes a rude jab at you and instead of calling her out you pretend you're just tired instead of upset, so that you don't seem insecure or argumentative, the only message you are sending is that it's completely fine to be rude to you because you won't say anything. (From personal experience this will only lead to a large screaming blow up at a Mexican restaurant six months down the road where you do, in fact, look a little crazy as you throw cheese dip)

When your coworker steals your idea in a meeting and you play it off with a "no worries" to keep from seeming uptight, you are only sending the message that it's totally fine to steal your ideas and you don't want recognition anyway. (From personal experience this will not get you a promotion)

How many times a day do you say "no worries"? Or "no problem"? Or "oh it's cool"? Sometimes maybe there actually are no worries, or no problem, or it actually is cool. Maybe you are in fact the chillest person on the face of the planet and nothing, not cancelled dates or snide remarks or stolen credit phases you even the littlest bit. But I am willing to bet that at least every now and then there is actually an issue you are playing off.

Emotional needs don't make you crazy. Standing up for yourself doesn't make you crazy. Getting what you deserve doesn't make you crazy. Being human with normal human feelings doesn't make you crazy. Giving a damn doesn't make you crazy (or needy, or clingy, or obsessed, or selfish, or uptight).

So here's the challenge: Next time you give a damn, make it known. Let that jerk guy know you aren't the type of girl who gets stood up or who lets someone ignore her for days on end. Tell that mean girl that you aren't going to let her call you names at dinner. Put your coworker in their place. Text that guy first without fear of looking clingy ("Hey, what's up" does not constitute clingy). Tell your best friend when she has really pissed you off. I am willing to bet it will get you a lot further and make you a lot happier, even if someone calls you crazy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How I Studied for the LSAT

The LSAT is the work of the devil. If you have never had the pain of reading args or searched every corner of your brain for a way to solve the impossible logic game in front of you, I envy you. The thing about the LSAT is that while it isn't a list of facts you can memorize, the way of thinking for the test can be learned. One of the questions I get all the time is "How did you do it?!" It actually boils down to a pretty simple method that anyone can do, and doesn't require thousands of dollars in prep courses or books with crazy methods.

Set aside the time
You cannot study for a week and get a 175 on the LSAT (if you did this I need your contact info so I can work on cloning your brain). I personally studied for three and a half months. This amount of time worked for me because it was long enough to improve, but not so long that I stressed myself to death. You know your learning speed better than anyone, so really think about how much time you are going to need. Consider your schedule as well- if you work every day you will need longer to accommodate for shorter studying times.

Buy the materials
Obviously you aren't going to learn the LSAT without any assistance. There are a ton of books on the market, but it's important to remember they all teach the same thing in one way or another. I recommend buying one instructional book that is very basic ( I used Cracking the LSAT from Princeton Review). While it's great to have books that lay out specific methods, I soon adjusted to find what worked for me. Even the basic diagramming in Cracking the LSAT had to be adjusted to make sense to me- and that's OK! There is no need to spend a ton of money on fifteen different methods just to realize you are going to use your own.

You will also need as many practice tests as you can get. LSAC puts out old tests every year and they are your ticket to success. I used the four most recent collections of ten. That's forty LSATs. You want to be sure that you are getting the most recent ones you can- the LSAT evolves over time and the newer the test the more it will resemble your actual LSAT. If you can only afford one make sure to get the most recent since it will be the most helpful.

Take a diagnostic
Some people say they don't see the point in this. These people must be blind. Taking a diagnostic shows you what you are already good at and what you need to spend the most time on to improve. Personally I saw that I was better at args than expected. Because I took a diagnostic I knew that I needed to spend more time on logic games (Satan's games) and was able to plan accordingly. If at all possible try to find a free test online that you don't already own so as not to waste precious resources. I used the one available on LSAC. Make sure to time yourself and simulate testing conditions- anyone can get in the 170s if they take ten hours.

Make a plan
Now that you have your time set aside, a jumping off point, and the materials you need it's time to set a plan. I set aside one week to conquer Cracking the LSAT. I went through a different part every day and worked on mastering basic skills, like diagramming or identifying the flaw in reasoning. After that I took another diagnostic. You will be shocked how much your score improves just from learning the basics!

After that I divided the LSAT prep tests up so as to take roughly two a week for three months, then four a week for two weeks, then one every day for a week. I bought a huge wall calendar, scheduled the tests, and hung it by my desk. Sticking to the schedule is key here. Remember to schedule days off too! Overloading yourself will kill your brain and actually make your scores decrease. The three days before the actual test I did no prep work and I definitely think it helped keep my brain clear.

Reviewing the tests
If you just take tests and do nothing with them you will get no where. I used the blind review method. It is absolutely genius. Basically you take the test and as you go circle any questions you are unsure about. Then when you're done DO NOT SCORE YOUR TEST. I repeat DO NOT SCORE YOUR TEST. (You will be tempted. Don't shoot yourself in the foot and throw all your hard work out with no gain. You will get to score it eventually.) Get another answer sheet and go back through the test and focus on the questions you didn't have time to answer or circled. Take all the time you need. It is OK if these answers are different than your originals. Once this is done you can score your original test. Then score the answers from your untimed attempt.

The point of this method is to show you WHY you are getting questions wrong. Did you miss the question under pressure but get the right answer when you had time to work it out? It's a timing issue. Did you miss the question on both sets? You don't know the process or concept- time to review and rework. Did you get the question right the first time and then miss it once you thought too hard? Time to work on your confidence. Once you know WHY you are missing questions you can fix the underlying problem. This will boost your scores, promise.

A more detailed overview of the blind review method can be found HERE.

This is the layout of what I did. Was it time consuming? Yes. Was it stressful? You have no idea. But when I walked into the LSAT I knew I was prepared and had done the most I could.

How did you prepare for the LSAT? What do you wish you had done differently?

Old Navy's 20th Birthday Sale

For some reason I seem to overlook Old Navy when I go shopping. Nothing ever seems to really jump at me like it does in some other stores. Last night though I noticed they were having a huge sale and decided to check it out. I am actualy super glad I did! They had some adorable stuff at really low prices, which is the formula for a happy Lanie. I ended up getting four things for under $70, which is great if you ask me. I had been wanting a few new fall pieces, but I can't afford to go crazy with my debit card, so this was perfect.

There are actually more colors online than in store, which really tempts me to order another while they are only $20. This vest is so comfortable and I can think of about 15 things I can wear it with off hand.

I got both of these prints. They aren't on sale online, but in store they were 40% off! I got both for $30, which is awesome for two button downs. How cute is the glasses print? I can't wait to wear it with my new vest!

I found this on the clearance rack for $8! They don't have this exact one online anymore, but they have lots of cute ones. I am so glad graphic tees are making a comeback. I can't wait to wear this with a cute skirt.

There were about one million other adorable things I wanted, but I had set a strict budget for myself. When I go shopping I actually leave my card home and only take cash, that way I only can spend a certain amount and won't go over. It works pretty well, and it definitely helps me realize what items I really want and which ones will most likely keep their tags on for months.

Have you gotten any cute new fall clothes? Where from? Let me know!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mazed and Confused

I usually don't do outdoor activities. I have been hiking twice, white water rafting once, and enjoy a day on the beach as long as I have a chair, radio, and fan. When my friends first had the idea to go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze I honestly thought I would be bored. I ended up having way more fun than I thought. The corn maze was harder than I imagined and my group ended up winning. We even got free pumpkins for being the winning group. I definitely think this will become a fall tradition for us.

What are your fall traditions?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend Wishlist

So, I will be the first to admit I have a bad case of the wants. With so many adorable things on the shelves it's impossible not to. Here is my current wishlist this weekend:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coins for Connor

This sassy diva dog is 2 today! I can't believe I have had him for almost a year now. Of cource in the spirit of birthdays I had to spoil him a little (ok a lot).

Thanks to an awesome local pet store here in Boone Connor gets to have all these treats for his special day. I can't wait to get home after school and let him eat his little cake. The cupcake cookie is for my roommates dog so he can have a birthday celebration with Connor. I know they will both have fun with the new Kong balls too.

The way Connor came into my life is a little different than most. He was actually rescued by another family. They had him for a while but could not keep him. Luckily I knew one of the girls in the family and was able to get him before he had to go back to the pound. Connor is one of my biggest blessings and I am so thankful God sent him to me!

Every dog is sadly not as lucky as Connor. It is estimated that 2.7 million adoptable pets are euthanized every year in shelters. It is impossible for shelters to humanely house them all, especially when they are underfunded. In honor of Connor's birthday I have started a little service project called Coins for Connor. All the proceeds will go to the Watauga County Humane Society to help with expenses and hopefully give a few great pound puppies a little longer to find their forever home.

If you are interested in donating to Coins for Connor click here!

Do you have a pet? What do you do for their special day? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Mornings

Monday mornings suck. No doubt about it. If it were up to me the whole thing would be cancelled and we could all stay in bed, watching Netflix and cuddling with our dogs. Sadly I wasn't elected to office and this all remains a dream. Since I am no morning person and I know some of you aren't either, I thought I would share my Monday morning essentials so maybe we can all be slightly less irritable when our professors call on us in class.

As soon as I drag my butt out of bed I light a candle. The aroma of happy fall days makes me feel like I will have a happy fall day. No joke, it works. Currently I am burning this one from Yankee Candle Co. I personally like the pillar shape, but they have it in all shapes and sizes for any budget.

Coffee is my life force. It keeps me sane and all others around me safe. It's even better when it's in a cute mug! I love this one from The Monogram Merchant.

I have this exact journal and let me tell you it will make you feel like you rock. Listing off all the great things you're currently doing, big and small, makes you realize how awesome you are. I try to write in it every day, but Monday mornings are a must to go over what I did the past weekend and what I am planning for the week.

Monday classes suck. Monday classes when you are bored and everything around you is boring suck more. Glitter pencils are awesome. I don't care that I am 21 years old and in a 4000 level micro economic theory lecture, I use glitter pencils. Get yourself some.

I change my phone background quite a lot, and usually on Mondays. I like to have something motivational, especially since it reminds me to put my phone down and do some freakin work. This one is from pinterest, feel free to steal off on it.

This is Connor, my dog. I find spending extra time with him always makes me happy, so Monday morning walks are perfect. Bonus points if you dress your dog up in rediculous outfits as pictured. If you don't have a dog find someone who does, or head to the Humane Society to play with one!

What keeps you sane on Mondays? Let me know!