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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

15 Things That Really Don't Matter

If you're like me you worry about a lot of things you can't control. Stupid little things have the ability to suck up our energy and our entire day if we let them. I am learning to let go of these things and stop letting them take up my time and mental space.

20 Things That Actually Don't Matter (so stop worrying about them!):

1. Your hair won't stay perfectly straight/curled/wavy/whatever.
Who cares? I rock a ponytail at least four times a week. I have more important things to stress over.

2. You forgot your homework.
Don't make it a habit- then it becomes a problem. One oversight though, and you're not destined to be a failure. Relax.

3. Treating yourself to fast food when you're way too tired to cook.
Again, don't make it a habit, but no one ever gained 20 pounds from one cheesburger on a day they had run themselves ragged. Eat your burger and be happy.

4. Deciding not to go out because you're tired/busy/stressed/just over it.
FOMO is real, trust me. I always worry the one night I don't go out will be the night Mariah Carey shows up and everyone finds their true love. It won't be though. Stay in and don't worry.

5. Not having perfectly manicured nails.
Literally who gives a shit?

6. That last notecard you just can't memorize.
Chances are it's a silly detail anyway. If you've been studying for hours let it go and get some sleep.

7. Your room being messy.
My room currently looks like a hurricane ran through it. I haven't unpacked from Columbia or Williamsburg, and my clean laundry is in a pile. Oh well, on to more pressing matters.

8. You're over or under dressed.
Usually this one is avoidable, but say you do make a mistake. Laugh it off and focus on why you're really there, and make a mental note for next time.

9. Forgetting to text your friend back.
I am the world's worst for this. True friends understand though, just be sure to set aside some time to chat when you remember.

10. Sleeping through a class.
You were probably too tired to get anything from it anyway. Back to bed.

11. Wearing the same dress as someone else.
She has good taste too! Get a twin picture and laugh about it.

12. Parking Tickets
Chances are if you risk getting one whatever you had to do was more important than $8. Pay it and move on.

13. Carrying a black bag when you're wearing navy.
Sometimes you're too tired to even notice. Rock it.

14. Eating all your food at dinner.
I can't help but notice women usually try to eat the least at the table. If I paid for it, I'm eating it.

15. Skipping yoga/barre/soul cycle.
Sometimes you need a break. It's not the end of the world.

What little things do you let stress you out? Do they really even matter?

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