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Friday, October 3, 2014

Favorites of the Week

This week I have had so many things on my radar that I absolutely love and can't wait for you to love too! Here are my top 7:

1. Vogue's 73 question series. Basically this random guy comes into the homes of celebrities and asks them 73 mildly weird questions. It's so cool to see celebrities as actual people, not rehearsed. This week they released one for Reese Witherspoon, but my favorite is Sarah Jessica Parker!

2. The Queen of Versailles. This documentary is streaming on Netflix and is one of those train wrecks that you just can't look away from. If you've had a bad day this is definitely the one to remind you that it could always be worse...and tackier. Originally my sister and I started watching it thinking it was a historical film, but we got hooked anyway.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Herringbone Vest. So I know everyone has been having a full on hissy fit over the J.Crew herringbone vest, but good luck with getting one. I found this navy one from TH and I am obsessed. I wear more things that navy would go with anyway. While I don't personally love this styling here I have a pink sweater that is begging to have this baby worn over it.

4. Kate Spade is on RueLaLa. Here's your invite, run!

5. Gilmore Girls is on Netflix! I know what I'll be binge watching. If you have never seen this show you need to crawl out from under your rock and get to watching ASAP!

6. How To Get Away With Murder. HOLY CRAP. This show is INSANE. I missed last nights episode but will definitely be catching up here. There is already a ton of drama and suspense and I definitely can't miss out.

7. Humans of New York. This blog is truly refreshing. I love seeing so many different people with different stories. This lady is a holocaust survivor and speaks candidly about her experience. There is everything from deep dark secrets to halarious stories from childhood. The blog has now expanded to other countries. Check it out!

What are you obsessed with this week? Let me know in the comments so I can love it too!

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