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Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY Hustle Canvas

Have y'all seen these hustle prints that are popping up everywhere? They are just the cutest! I love motivational prints and canvases and when I saw these I knew they would be a great DIY for Sunday Funday. It turned out to be super easy to make! I used my no fail canvas method for the word and then decorated with confetti.

What you need:
Notebook Paper
Modge Podge
Paint Brush

1. Find the word you want to use (I did Hustle, obviously) in a cute font. You can search online or type it up in word. Make sure it's large enough for your canvas. Turn your brightness all the way up on the computer and tape a piece of notebook paper to the screen. Use your pencil to trace the outline onto the paper. Tape this "stencil" to your canvas. Make sure the word is exactly where you want it.

2. Trace the outline of the word on your stencil in Sharpie. This will bleed through onto the canvas, giving you the perfect outline. I had to trace mine four times. Be patient. I also recommend using a sharpie color close to the color you plan on filling in with.

3. Once you remove your stencil you can fill in the outline of your word. I used a metallic gold Sharpie to fill mine it, but you can also use paint. I have had great experiences with paint pens as well.

4. To decorate with confetti like I did, put a thin coat of Modge Podge where you'd like the confetti to be, and just sprinkle it on. So Easy! I sealed it with another layer just to be safe.

Do you guys have any cute DIY's you've done recently? Let me see!

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