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Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Mornings

Monday mornings suck. No doubt about it. If it were up to me the whole thing would be cancelled and we could all stay in bed, watching Netflix and cuddling with our dogs. Sadly I wasn't elected to office and this all remains a dream. Since I am no morning person and I know some of you aren't either, I thought I would share my Monday morning essentials so maybe we can all be slightly less irritable when our professors call on us in class.

As soon as I drag my butt out of bed I light a candle. The aroma of happy fall days makes me feel like I will have a happy fall day. No joke, it works. Currently I am burning this one from Yankee Candle Co. I personally like the pillar shape, but they have it in all shapes and sizes for any budget.

Coffee is my life force. It keeps me sane and all others around me safe. It's even better when it's in a cute mug! I love this one from The Monogram Merchant.

I have this exact journal and let me tell you it will make you feel like you rock. Listing off all the great things you're currently doing, big and small, makes you realize how awesome you are. I try to write in it every day, but Monday mornings are a must to go over what I did the past weekend and what I am planning for the week.

Monday classes suck. Monday classes when you are bored and everything around you is boring suck more. Glitter pencils are awesome. I don't care that I am 21 years old and in a 4000 level micro economic theory lecture, I use glitter pencils. Get yourself some.

I change my phone background quite a lot, and usually on Mondays. I like to have something motivational, especially since it reminds me to put my phone down and do some freakin work. This one is from pinterest, feel free to steal off on it.

This is Connor, my dog. I find spending extra time with him always makes me happy, so Monday morning walks are perfect. Bonus points if you dress your dog up in rediculous outfits as pictured. If you don't have a dog find someone who does, or head to the Humane Society to play with one!

What keeps you sane on Mondays? Let me know!

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